By far the most populated zone of Tokyo Millennium, whose control was left by the Center entirely in the hands of a woman who attends by the name of “Madam”. A free area that was created with the purpose of letting people enjoy and pursuit common earthly delights. The Colosseum situated here, along with the casinos, attract countless people everyday, and as result, peace has flourished in Valhalla.

Cosmic coliseum   blubonic by dipperdon d4g5489

The Colosseum located in Valhalla

Madam’s own private, and heavily guarded, mansion can be also found here. Along with, as it was mentioned above, Valhalla’s immense Colosseum, which is know for frequently being the stage of violent fighting tournaments between modern Gladiators. It is also worth mentioning its various casinos, stores and dancing discos; and of course, its vast slums, which welcome those who are seeking a safe refuge from the eyes of the law in any way.


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