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Hiya! This is for the “Temple Knights” Shin Megami Tensei II RPG.

In the game, the player characters take up the role of a “Temple Knight”, one of the defenders of the last known habitable region on the planet after numerous cataclysms, “Tokyo Millennium” run by a theocratic government known as “The Center”. The Center, while effective at holding off the demons and holding general order, is much like any pre-disaster government and has glaring flaws. Demons have been getting into the slums of the city, social equality is unbalanced and other religions outside of the blue-clad “Order of Messiah” are considered hearsay and promptly put down. As it turns out, you’re on their payroll and enjoying the benefits that these elite temple knights get.


The main goal of The Center is to bring about the “Thousand Year Kingdom” and creating a paradise where the chosen devout few can live forever in harmony under the rule of their god, without having to fear demons or human aggression. The powers that be are currently waiting for a promised Messiah to appear and lead the city into a prosperous age. Yet, with the violence and spite that festers in this city, does such a person even have hope of appearing…

If you haven’t played the original SNES games, or any in the Shin Megami Tensei series, don’t fret. Most of the information needed will be added on here in a somewhat timely manner.

Tokyo Millennium

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