Ward Reeve



STR 16 / Effort 80
CON 17 / Stamina 85
POW 12 / Luck 60
DEX 13 / Agility 65
APP 11 / Charisma 55

INT 10 / Idea 50
SIZ 16

MOV 10

HP: 17
Maj. Wound = 9

Damage Bonus: +1d4

Experience Bonus: 5

Skill Point Distribution:

Bargain 10
Etiquette (Temple Knights) 25
First Aid 30
Knowledge: Law 45
Knowledge: Messian Faith 40
Persuade 20

Swords 70
Shields 60
Pistols 50


Kite Shield
Trauma Kit
Bulletproof Vest, Modern
Temple Knight Uniform


Broadsword: 85%, 1d8+1+1d4, Bleeding, 20HP, 1.5 Enc

Shield: 75%, 22AP, 1d4+db, Knockback, 5.0 Enc

Dodge: 26%

Armor: 4, 8 vs. firearms. 8.0 Enc, -5% Physical skills


From several generations of Temple Knights, Ward Reeve was intended by his family since his birth to continue the tradition. A rebellious phase in Ward’s late teens jeopardized the lineage, but the death of his father, at the hands of a rampaging demon, set him straight. Resolved to make his late father proud and continue the family tradition, Ward worked hard to complete qualification for entry into the Temple Knights and dedicated himself utterly to his training. Now, he strives to uphold his family’s legacy, placing duty—to the Church, to the Center, and to the people of Tokyo Millennium.

Ward Reeve

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