Strength 13 / Effort 65
Constitution 12 / Stamina 60
Power 11 / Luck 60
Dexterity 12 / Agility 60
Appearance 12 / Charisma 60

Intelligence: 14 / Idea 70
Size: 12

Hit Points: 12
Major Wound Level: 6
Power Points: 11
EXP Bonus: 7
MOV: 10
Fatigue Points: 24
Sanity: 55
Damage Bonus(db): +1d4
Skill Bonuses:
Combat Skills +5%
Communication Skills +5%
Manipulation Skills +5%
Mental Skills: +4%
Perception Skills: +5%
Physical Skills: +2%

Melee Weapon (Sword)
First Aid
Knowledge(Mesian Church)
Etiquette (Mesian Church)


Born into the Messian church as the son of a Temple Knight, Kazriel grew up immersed in the culture of the Messians, raised to worship the one true God and to be ever-vigilant in watching for the Messiah that was prophesised to come. As a child, he idolized his father, a Temple Knight of the church, and strove to emulate him.
Becoming a Temple Knight himself was, therefore, the obvious path to take. Kazriel, swearomg to make his father and family proud, volunteered to serve the church as soon as he was of age. He has only recently completed his training, and will soon be assigned to an active duty knight squad.
Eager to fulfill his duty to the Messian church and the Temple Knights, Kazriel is unaware of the true nature of the Messian church; the discrimination, the corruption, and the rather ignoble tactics that are frequently used by the Church in its’ pursuit of the Thousand Year Kingdom. In addition, despite his eagerness and dedication, his knowledge of the world outside the Center is limited and heavily influenced by the other members of the Messian church. If he is to become a true Temple Knight, he will have to come to terms with the world outside the center… but can his belief in the Knights and the Messians stand strong in the face of the truth?
Kazriel is eager, dedicated, and ready to face his duties with all of his strength. However, he has a tendency to get ahead of himself; and has been known for taking action without thinking. His belief in the Messian teachings is pure, but has not yet come face to face with the realities of the world, and whether or not it will remain uncorrupted is uncertain.
He stands at 5 feet and ten inches tall and weighs 145 pounds, amd sports extremely fair blonde hair, almost white in color, and a very pale complexion. When off duty, he typically wears a high-necked leather jacket, a gift from his father upon completion of his training. Otherwise, he can usually be found wearing a Temple Knight uniform or body armor. He prefers his childhood nickname, ‘Kaz’ to his full name.


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